About Us


Tea Picker initially originated as a tea sourcing company over a decade ago. With industry expertise over 20 years as a tea taster and tea broker, we were able to source and supply great quality product and selection to our clients consistently. We source teas from the big five tea growing countries, such as China, Japan, Sri Lanka, India, Kenya and Taiwan and we work closely with tea plantations and small-scale independent tea farmers in those countries. We also work closely with individual tea companies within UK as their tea sourcing specialist.

Over the last five years, the UK has seen a tremendous growth in the speciality tea sector. As a result of this tea revival, there is a demand to create new blends and flavours to cater to this new consumer trends, aided by the social media, lifestyle choices and convenience. This new trend has created a new opportunity for a new startup, also for those who are already in the hospitality and retail sector.

This is when we started receiving regular request to provide a complete end-to-end solution from our existing clients as well as the new start-ups. We realised, we are perfectly placed to offer this service to our clients, as we not only have the expertise but have access to a wonderful selection of teas, herbs and aromas. So, we decided to initially help our clients by creating bespoke blends and packing them in retail ready packs and caddies.  Since then we have created thousands of bespoke blends of a classic such as breakfast tea, earl greys, or aromatic and flavourful afternoon teas, exciting fruit blends and trendy latte mixes that include beetroot, rose and vanilla (and we named in Ruby Latte).

We have worked with clients who come to us with varied requirements such as individuals who would like a one-off blend for personal use or gift, corporate clients, hotels, start-up tea companies and large department stores.

Please contact us to find out how we can help you!