Ceylon Adam's Peak Extra Special - No.04

Ceylon Adam's Peak Extra Special - No.04

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The smooth and delicate taste of this exquisite tea can be attributed to the unique weather pattern of the Adam’s Peak Tea Estate, Sri Lanka where it is grown. Situated 7000 ft above sea level, the misty-morning mountain dews and long periods of dense sunlight are what endow this Extra Special FBOPF tea with its sublime flavour. Bursting with silvery tips and the tenderest of buds, this is an exceptional tea to be taken mid-morning or afternoon and is particularly flavoursome when taken with a little milk.

Adam's Peak tea plantation is situated in the Ratnapura district, Sri Lanka adjoining the mountain of the 'Holy Footprint' (or Adam's Peak). This has been a place of pilgrimage for hundreds of years for Buddhists, Muslims and Hindus as it is believed that Buddha, Adam or Shiva left his footprint on the mountain-top.

Adam's Peak tea estate was one of the very early plantations cultivated in the region. Adam's Peak is renowned for the unique and authentic orthodox teas over the years. 

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