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Organic Ceremonial Japanese Matcha Gift Set

A perfect starter set for exploring the world of matcha. Contains 40g of matcha tea, bamboo whisk, ceramic matcha bowl and bamboo spatula.

Contains 40g of ceremonial grade matcha, golden bamboo whisk & spatula, matcha whisk holder and ceramic matcha bowl.

Tea Gift for Two with Tea Expert Teapot

Tea for two set with Tea Expert teapot and loose leaf tea.

Modern Ceremonial Japanese Matcha Gift Set

Modern Ceremonial Matcha Gifts Set with 40g of matcha tea, electric whisk, ceramic matcha bowl and measuring spoon.

Christmas Tea Trio Gift Set

Christmas Tea No.31 (125g), Masala Chai (125g), Assamica Chocolate No.301 (125g)

Classic Green Tea Trio Gift Set

Jasmine Green Tea (125g), Organic Dragon Well (125g), Japanese Sencha (125g)


The perfect gift for tea lovers. Contains 10 Flowering Tea Bulbs made from the finest quality silver needle green tea and a 450ml Zenshi Glass Teapot.

Chocolate and Tea Pairings

The Tea Makers of London have teamed up with Pump Street Chocolate to bring you a selection of the best pairings.

Black Tea Gift for One with Glass Infuser Mug

Tea for one set with glass infuser mug and two popular black teas.

Fruit Tea Trio Gift Set

Bora Bora (125g), Mango Mocktail (100g), Turkish Apple (125g)

Tea Infuser Mug Gift For One

Made from ultra-strong borosilicate glass, our stylish Infuser Mag comes with a caddy of luxury loose-leaf tea. An ideal all-in-one gift.

Classic Black Tea Trio Gift Set

English Breakfast Tea - No.01 (50g), Supreme Earl Grey Tea - No.07 (50g) & FF Darjeeling House Blend - No.08 (50g)

Herbal Tea Trio Gift Set

Lemongrass and Ginger (125g), Peppermint Leaves (50g), Chai of Madagascar (125g)

Island Bakery Organics - Lemon Melts 150g

A popular treat to enjoy with a cup of tea, these mouth-watering lemon biscuits are coated in white chocolate with an irresistible taste.

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