Zenshi Small Tea Tasting Cups 50ml - set of two

Zenshi Small Tea Tasting Cups 50ml - set of two



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Our Zenshi Glassware range is as elegant as it is practical.

These exquisite tea glasses are handmade by expert glass artisans.

These miniature tea tasting glasses are the perfect addition to any tea connoisseurs home. With the glasses, you can enjoy tea in the style of traditional Japanese and Chinese tea ceremonies. Brew your loose leaf tea in a Gaiwan or small tea pot and sip it from these elegant little glasses.

Additionally, these exquisite glasses are perfect for serving Matcha. Simply pour the Matcha tea into your tea glass and drink in one mouthful - a perfectly refreshing way to start the day.



Material - Borosilicate** Glass (heat resistant, light weight and strong)

Function - Use for tea tastings and modern tea ceremonies. This product is also great for serving Matcha tea.

Cleaning - Hand wash or place securely on the top shelf of your dishwasher

Size - 3cm H x 2.5cm diameter bottom x 7cm diameter top

Capacity - The maximum teacup capacity is 50ml 

Good for - These small tea tasting glasses are perfect for a tea connoisseur who likes to enjoy tea as they do in Asian tea ceremonies.  It is also a perfect way to serve a selection of teas or Matcha in a hotel, restaurant or café.

Packaging  - Comes in a white box - 2 cups in one box


Upkeep and usage

If the ambient temperature in the kitchen is low, warming up the glasses before use will help the glasses last longer. 

The glass is less likely to break or shatter if you warm it up gradually. Once you have poured in the hot tea, avoid resting the glass on cold surfaces. 


**Borosilicate glass - Borosilicate glass is made mainly of silica (70-80%) and boric oxide (7-13%) with smaller amounts of the alkalis (sodium and potassium oxides) and aluminium oxide. 

This mouth blown glass teapot is made from heat resistant, durable and high quality borosilicate glass. Classic design mouth-blown Glass Teapot.

This 50ml Glass cup with infuser is made with heat resistant borosilicate glass. Ideal gift for a tealover.
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