Silver Lining Double-Wall Glass 100ml - set of 2

Silver Lining Double-Wall Glass 100ml - set of 2

This elegant double-walled glass cup keeps your hot and cold drinks at the desired temperature for longer.



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Light weight and with a pleasing curved shape, it is as practical as it is beautiful. The outer wall always remains at a comfortable temperature, so your tea brewing can be as relaxed and soothing as it deserves to be.

The glass perfectly showcases the stunning colours of the brewed tea which appears to be floating inside the cup.

Paired with one of our stylish glass tea pots, it promises a uniquely enticing tea experience at home.

Each glass cup is handmade, so the shapes may vary slightly. 

Material: heat-resistant borosilicate** double-walled glass.

Size – 7.4cm H x 7.2cm diameter (widest)

Capacity – 100ml

Function – for hot and cold drinks

Cleaning – Not dishwasher safe. Rinse with hot water, clean the outside gently with a soft sponge.

Heating – do not microwave; can be used on stoves

Packaging – packed in bubble wrap, in a card box

Made in Taiwan

Upkeep and usage

If the ambient temperature in the kitchen is low, warming up the glass before use will help it last longer. The glass is less likely to break or shatter if you warm it up gradually. Once filled with a hot drink, avoid resting your cup on cold surfaces (use a coaster).  

For more information on cleaning glassware, read our 'How To Maintain Your Glassware' blog post.

**Borosilicate glass - Borosilicate glass is made mainly of silica (70-80%) and boric oxide (7-13%) with smaller amounts of the alkalis (sodium and potassium oxides) and aluminium oxide. 


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