Silver Lining Glass Teapot 600ml

Silver Lining Glass Teapot 600ml

An exquisitely elegant glass teapot to share a luxurious tea experience. Makes 2 to 3 cups.



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Create your own soothing tea ceremony with the beautiful Silver Lining teapot.

Elegantly combining modern lines with a subtle Art Deco feel, this unique design will elevate your tea experience to a luxurious new level.

Made from heat-resistant glass, it is designed to expertly and effortlessly brew loose-leaf teas.

The wide opening at the top and the movable handle make it easy to pour the desired quantity of leaves and the water. The built-in strainer at the bottom of the spout effectively filters the leaves, producing a pristine cup.

The beech handle holds the lid in place, so there’s no need to hold it down as you serve. The steam outlet on the side of the teapot ensures the tea can be poured comfortably, and the spout is designed to pour perfectly without dripping.

These teapots are made by hand so the rim and lid may not be perfectly flush .

We recommend that you turn the lid until it sits snugly on top of the teapot.


How to achieve a perfect pour without drip: Due to the design of the teapot, particularly the shape and design of the lid, please follow the tips provided below to achieve a smooth pour.

  • Do not fill over the useable capacity (600ml).
  • Please tip the teapot gently at a 45° angle when pouring. This is to prevent the liquid from reaching the edge of the teapot, which may lead to some dripping.

Material: heat-resistant borosilicate** glass, bentwood beech, copper, food grade silicon.

Size – 18.5cm H with handle up (14.5cm with handle down on side) x 9.2cm diameter at the top. Total width including spout 15.5cm

Usable capacity – 600ml

Function – for hot and cold drinks. Some very fine leaves may go through the strainer.

Cleaning – Not dishwasher safe. Rinse with hot water, clean the outside gently with a soft sponge.

Heating – do not microwave; not suitable for stovetops

Packaging – packed in foam insert, in a card box

Made in Taiwan


Upkeep and usage

Ensure you lower the handle before removing the lid. If the handle becomes looser over time, it can be tighten

If the ambient temperature in the kitchen is low, warming up the glass before use will help it last longer. The glass is less likely to break or shatter if you warm it up gradually. Once filled with a hot drink, avoid resting your cup on cold surfaces (use a coaster).  

For more information on cleaning glassware, read our 'How To Maintain Your Glassware' blog post.

**Borosilicate glass - Borosilicate glass is made mainly of silica (70-80%) and boric oxide (7-13%) with smaller amounts of the alkalis (sodium and potassium oxides) and aluminium oxide.  

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