Pouchong Oolong (Bauchong) - No.98

Pouchong Oolong (Bauchong) - No.98

​This high-quality Pouchong Oolong tea was freshly picked in April 2018 and produces a fresh and delicate taste. This sweet and mild tea is ideal for the warmer months.


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About the tea

This high-quality Oolong tea was freshly picked in April 2018 and produces a delicious fruity, floral aroma. Pouchong Oolong, also known as Baucong, is one of the finest teas produced in Taiwan, and is also the most popular.

Processing method:

  1. The tea leaves are dried in the sun
  2. Panning and rolling then takes place, which is how the leaves acquire their unique shape.
  3. The leaves are then wrapped in cotton paper, which stops further oxidation.

Because the oxidisation process is stopped earlier than other Oolong teas, this particular tea has the freshness of a green tea with the fragrant, floral aromas of an Oolong tea. It also has a lower caffeine content than most other Oolong teas.

About the region

This tea is grown in the New Taipei City, Pinglin Tea Area. The climate conditions in this area, consisting of high rainfall and temperatures and 500m altitude, is ideal for producing high-quality Baochong Oolong.

Additional Information:

Cultivar: Chinshin Oolong
Oxidation: Light
Roasting: None
Farmer: Mr. Chang

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