Taiping Hou Kui - No.77

Taiping Hou Kui - No.77

This famous green tea originates from Tai Ping and has a wonderful mellow flavour. 


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This famous loose leaf green tea, originating from Tai Ping, is one of the top ten teas in China. It is the largest sized leaf among all green teas, each leaf measuring up to 60mm. This doesn’t, however, affect the delicate flavour and mellow taste of the tea, which lasts up to four brews. It is a rare and sought-after tea, at the top end of high-quality and luxury teas.

Origin - This is a historical tea in China, first produced in the Qing Dynasty in the Anhui Province. Its production occurs in three villages, Hou-keng, Hou-cun and Yan-jia. The unique conditions in these places, for example, the fog which hinders the sunlight getting through and the highly-elevate mountainous areas, is what makes the tea so special.  

Processing - Tai Ping Hou Kui is created by a time-consuming process, but one that produces incredible results. Each twig with a bud and 3-4 tea leaves is hand-plucked from the plant. Once at the factory, it is then re-plucked so only the bud and two leaves remain. This is done to preserve the tea leave whilst it is waiting to be processed. Most green teas will undergo a rolling process; however Tai Ping Hou Kui tea is dried using bamboo baskets which are heated. The plant holds most of its natural shape and this process presents a unique tea. 


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