Jasmine Dragon Pearls Tea (Mo li hua zhu) - No.55

Jasmine Dragon Pearls Tea (Mo li hua zhu) - No.55

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Jasmine Dragon Pearls is an artisan Chinese tea made from luxury green tea leaves and Jasmine flowers. During production, the tea leaves are layered with Jasmine as to allow the oils of the flower to infuse into the tea. The tea leaves are then delicately rolled into beautiful little pearls that unfurl when steeped into hot water.

These perfectly balanced stunning Jasmine Dragon Pearls tea has an intense flowery taste and a beautiful fragrance. The infusion has an elegant champagne colour and a flowery aroma.

Tea region - Fujian Province, China.

Tea brewing guidance - Use ca 200ml of water per 2g of tea. Boil water to 80℃. Steep for 2 minutes.


The Tea Experience

A truly sensational cup of tea is a treat for all the senses. Aroma, colour and flavour all play an important role in creating the perfect tea experience.

The tea aroma - The aroma of this beautiful artisan tea is dominated by the fresh floral scent of Jasmine.

The tea colour - The brewed tea liquor has a stunning light-yellow, royal, champagne hue.

The tea flavour - The tea imparts an intense, floral and smooth flavour with a fresh, spring undertone.

The tea ingredients - Chinese green tea and Jasmine flowers.

Health benefits - Green tea is naturally high in healthy antioxidants.


Information for tea connoisseurs

Jasmine Dragon Pearls tea is named so because of the pearl shape of the tea. Our Jasmine Dragon Pearls tea grows in the Fujian Province in China. It is the most popular of all jasmine teas. Jasmine Dragon Pearls tea is created by hand rolling specially plucked long silver velvety shoots into little tea balls which are then naturally scented with fresh, aromatic jasmine flowers. To create the highest quality tea pearls, fresh jasmine petals and tea leaves are layered until the jasmine scent is fully merged with the tea leaves. Then, the petals are removed, and the tea is carefully dried again. Each pearl blossoms when put them into hot water.

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