Organic Premium Japanese Sencha - No.70

Organic Premium  Japanese Sencha - No.70

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This is a premium grade Organic Sencha teas from Isa Bay in Mie Prefecture, Japan. 
Organic Sencha has a mellow sweetness perfectly balanced with a mild and refreshing astringency brought about by being handpicked. Tastes gently astringent and smells wonderfully fresh. Rich in vitamin C, this tea is excellent alone or with meals.

Organic Sencha is grown in full sunlight and contains more of the beneficial nutrient catechin than any other green teas.
This is the most popular tea in Japan, and represents about 80 percent of the tea produced in Japan. Generally Sencha in Japan is drunk hot in the cooler months and usually chilled in the summer months.
Organic Sencha is a green tea made without grinding the tea leaves. It is first slightly steamed to prevent oxidization of the leaves. Then, the leaves are rolled, shaped, and dried. This step creates the customary thin cylindrical shape of the tea. The leaf gets a very fine and fragile structure. Finally, after drying, the leaves are fried to aid in their preservation and to add flavour.

Organic Sencha will make a perfect chilled summer drink, and what more, it is healthy too.

Japanese Tea: All our teas imported from Japan are governed by the provisions of lmplementing Regulation (EU) No 996/2012 imposing special conditions governing the import of feed and food originating in or consigned from Japan following the accident at the Fukushima nuclear power station. All our teas are checked and certified by the 'Tokai Regional Administration Office of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries’, that they are compliant with the legislation in force in Japan and EU as regards to radiation. Further, these certifications are examined at the point of entry to UK before the teas are released for distribution. Therefore we can confirm that the teas sold by us are safe and radiation free.  Please let us know if you need more information.

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