Oriental Beauty Oolong No.87

Oriental Beauty Oolong No.87

Oriental Beauty rests in a league of her own, being an exceptionally fine Taiwanese tea. Offers an indulgently aromatic flavour with sweet undertones.


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About the Tea

Reared in Hsinchu County in Taiwan, this rare white tip tea is a distinctive luxurious choice, offering natural sweetness and freshness.
Famous for its cultivation, Oriental Beauty (Dongfang meiren) has stunned Oolong lovers for centuries.

Only shoots with one bud and two top leaves are carefully picked from the 300m high mountain elevation in Taiwan, ensuring each leaf is of the best quality. The leaves are twisted with silvery streaks, reminiscent of its Taiwanese traditional name, ‘Bai Hao’, which means white tipped.

This tea imparts a light amber hue and offers an indulgent fruity sweetness which can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

Our Oriental Beauty was harvested in 2018 by Chefon tea farmers. Only 40 - 50% of this crop is harvested in the spring/summer months, so small quantities of the tea is available every year.

The natural sweetness of the tea is diffused by leafhopper insects that bite the leaves. This, along with its meticulously controlled oxidisation, is what makes the tea’s flavour so striking and aromatic. This unusual method has been used over the centuries, making Oriental Beauty one of Taiwan’s most distinctive Oolongs.

It is known to aid digestion and strengthen the immune system.


Additional Information:

Cultivar: Chinshin Dah Pan
Oxidation: Controlled
Roasting: None
Farmer: Mr. Chang

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