Oolong Tea Discovery Collection

Oolong Tea Discovery Collection

This Oolong Discovery Collection allows you to explore the wide range of flavours within this sought after tea category. Contains 5 different loose leaf Oolong teas.



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This Oolong Tea Discovery Collection allows you to explore the wide range of flavours within this sought-after tea category. Oolong is an exceptionally enjoyable tea that is gaining popularity due to its wide range of complex flavours. Oolongs range from fresh and floral to thick and woody, with a variety of sweet and fruity teas in between. Oolong tea hails from the mountainous Fujian province of China. During the 19th Century, Taiwan - which is located off the coast of Fujian - began producing oolong tea. Taiwanese oolongs have become as highly regarded as oolongs from Fujian.

This Discovery Collection provides a great way to explore multiple oolongs and discover your personal favourite.

Each pouch includes 10g of loose leaf oolong tea.

1. Taiwanese Ginseng Oolong - No.96 | 10g

2. Wuyi Shui Xian Oolong - No.91 | 5g

3. Tie Guan Yin Oolong - No.99 | 10g

4. Oriental Beauty - No.87 | 5g

5. Taiwanese Jin Xuan Milk Oolong - No.92 | 10g

Please navigate to the individual tea page for more information about each tea in this wonderful oolong tea selection.

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