Peppermint Leaves - No.122

Peppermint Leaves - No.122

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Our delightfully refreshing Organic Peppermint Leaves provide the most wonderfully calming and uplifting infusion.

Native to the Mediterranean, peppermint tea is an infusion made from peppermint leaves that is drunk as a tea and has an exquisitely high menthol content which is responsible for its intense scent and flavour.

This stimulating tea offers a deliciously minty-sweet taste with a cool and freshly-pure aroma and, being naturally caffeine-free, this is an exceptional infusion that can be enjoyed hot or cold. It is particularly wonderful taken as an after dinner drink.

Peppermint was reportedly discovered towards the end of the 17th century on an English mint field. Today the intense scent and flavour of the Peppermint is well-known all over the world.


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