‘Ripened’ or ‘Cooked’ Pu erh Cake 250g

‘Ripened’ or ‘Cooked’ Pu erh Cake 250g



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This high-quality Pu erh cake imparts a mild, earthy flavour that is a result of a unique post-fermentation process. The reddish-brown, compressed tea leaves give a dark red brew which is wonderful to enjoy after a heavy meal. Ripened Pu erh tea - also known as ‘Cooked’ Pu erh or ‘Shou’ - is produced by Pu erh experts in Yunnan, China using a specialist method that emulates the aging process of un-cooked Pu erh teas.

The process approximates the aging process by prolonged bacterial and fungal fermentation in a warm humid environment under controlled conditions - a technique known as "Wet Piling". This method was invented in the 1970s in response to increased demand for Pu erh teas from the West. The process ensures that the tea leaves develop the same earthy-deep flavour that is caused by years of aging.

To get the most authentic brewing result, we recommend that you use a Gaiwan and follow the instructions in our Pu erh Brewing Guide.

Store you Pu erh cake in a sealed cardboard box, away from any exposure to odours from cooking.

Brewing Guidance: Use ca. 200ml of water per 3g of tea | Boil water to 100℃ | Steep for 20 seconds | Leaves can be infused up to 3 times | See our guide on how to brew Pu erh tea.

Diameter: ~ 15cm

Year of Production: 2012

Flavour: Imparts a mildly earthy flavour with a smooth deepness.

Ingredients: Compressed Chinese Pu erh Tea.

Tea region: Yunnan, China.

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