Pu erh Tea Discovery Collection

Pu erh Tea Discovery Collection

This pack includes 5 pouches, each containing 10g of different Pu erh teas. A great introduction into the world of these wonderful teas.



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Pu erh is an exceptionally interesting tea variety and our Discovery Collections are a great way to explore new teas. Originating from Yunnan, China, Pu erh tea, just like fine wine, matures with age and develops an exceptionally smooth and earthy depth of flavour. Pu erh teas have delicious undertones that vary from plum to dark chocolate. In this wonderful discovery pack, you will find five fine Pu erh teas from the Yunnan province. Each tea in this exceptional collection, imparts a unique and outstanding Pu erh flavour. This item is a great way to explore new Pu erh teas and is highly recommended for seasoned and knowledgeable tea-lovers and tea connoisseurs.

Each pouch includes 10g of Pu erh tea.

  1. Pu erh Tuocha Mini Cakes - No.83 | 10g
  2. Yunnan Puerh No.80 | 10g
  3. Lincang First Grade Ripe Pu Erh 2012 - No.84 | 10g
  4. Raw Pu erh Cake | 10g
  5. Cooked Pu erh Cake | 10g

Please navigate to the individual tea page for more information about each tea in this wonderful Pu erh tea selection.

Tea region: Yunnan, China.


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