Yunnan Pu erh - No.80

Yunnan Pu erh - No.80

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This wonderful Pu erh tea is aged for up to five years, during which time it develops a rich and deep earthy flavour. This outstanding version of loose leaf Pu erh is a testament to the meticulous aging and fermentation process used by the expert Pu erh producers of Yunnan, China. The brew offers a deep dark-brown colour with exceptional earthy notes. This Pu erh tea belongs to the ‘Raw’ category, also known as ‘Sheng’.

To get the most authentic brewing result, we recommend that you use a Gaiwan and follow the instructions in our Pu erh Brewing Guide.

Aged and fermented dark teas came about as a result of transporting teas to rural areas of China’s borders, hundreds of years ago. Before transporting tea to these areas, the Chinese would compress the tea leaves into slabs and logs. Traveling on horseback and camel, the teas were expose to moisture and began to ferment. It was discovered that this developed the flavour of the tea and it was believed that the fermentation created a tea that aided digestion and provided important nutrients.

Today, Pu erh tea is a sought-after speciality that can be compared to fine wines.

Brewing Guidance: Use ca. 200ml of water per 3-4g of tea | Boil water to 100℃ | Steep for 4-5 minutes | See our guide on how to brew Pu erh tea.

Aged: 4-5 years.

Flavour: Imparts a deeply rich and earthy flavour.

Ingredients: Pure Chinese Pu erh Tea.

Tea region: Yunnan, China.

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