Taiwanese Four Season Oolong Tea Triunes- No.90

Taiwanese Four Season Oolong Tea Triunes- No.90

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One of the very finest Taiwanese Oolong mountain teas with exquisitely evenly-rolled leaves, this Dongding Oolong offers a wonderfully unusual infusion of sweet and savoury flavours.

The delicate hand-picked leaves are meticulously heavy-baked to enhance the distinctive, ripe fruity notes of this most unique tea. The beautiful yellowish-green liquor imparts a thick texture in the mouth and gives way to deliciously sweet notes.

Famed for its reputation for aiding digestion, this mouth-watering infusion is wonderful taken after a meal.

The name "Dongding" means "Frozen Summit", which is the name of the mountain in Taiwan on which the original tea plants taken from

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