Phoenix Honey Orchid Oolong - No.89

Phoenix Honey Orchid Oolong - No.89

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Imperial Phoenix Honey Orchid is one of the most sought-after teas amongst the Oolong tea lovers. Originating from one of the main four tea growing regions of China, the southern province of Guangdong is renowned for its mountain terrain, mineral-rich rocky soil composition, hot climatic conditions and most importantly the unique 600-year-old cultivars. All of these factors contribute to this tea’s naturally honey like sweetness and velvety smooth floral notes of orchid. Although there are many different cultivars used for making Dancong Oolong, our Imperial Phoenix Honey Orchid is made with the variety known as Mount Wudong Song, which is thought to offer the distinctive and superior flavour combinations.

Harvested during the early spring, from the old tea trees (unlike the waist-height tea bushes); typically one bud and 2-3 leaves. This darker Oolong undergoes a higher degree of oxidisation to gain the colour and flavours. Following the standard withering process, the leaves are gently rolled to get the enzymes and other components to mix together to facilitate the oxidisation. Once the correct oxidisation is reached the tea is baked in a charcoal oven in order to halt this process and lock down the flavours.

Brewing Guidance: Use 250ml of water for 3-4g (2 teaspoon) of tea | Boil water to 90℃ | Steep for 2-3 minutes.

Flavour: Complex flavour combination with honey sweetness, floral, mildly smoky and nutty notes.

Aroma: slightly flowery fragrance, reminiscent of the local wild orchids’ honey scent.

Appearance: Dark brown with curled roasted leaves.

Colour: Light golden orange hue.

Tea region: Guangdong.

Time of Harvest: Early Spring.

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