Oolong Tea

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Taiwan Native Mountain Tea - No.190

Our Taiwan Native Mountain tea is an authentic delight, picked from an 180-year old tea tree!

Sun Moon Lake Red Jade (Ruby) - No.191

This premium black tea has a rich, creamy flavour and a natural fragrance of cinnamon and mint.

Phoenix Honey Orchid Oolong - No.89

With its complex flavour and naturally honey like sweetness and lingering floral notes, this is definitely a tea for the connoisseurs or anyone who like subtle flavoursome Oolong teas.

Monkey Picked Tie Guan Yin - Limited Edition - No.93

This exquisite monkey-picked tie guan yin tea is a very high-quality oolong tea from anxi, fujian, china.  Picked during the spring from higher elevations than other tie guan yin grades, the monkey-picked grade is entirely handmade by small family artisans with great care. The taste is rich with long-lasting floral-buttery notes.

Darjeeling Honey Oolong 2nd Flush 2020 Harvest - No.93

This tea offers a beautiful and complex flavours of honey sweet, peach and mildly spice with cardamom notes to end.

Taiwanese Milk Oolong Supreme - No.92

This exquisite genuine milk oolong tea is meticulously harvested from high-mountain jin xuan tea bushes in taiwan. The leaves are very delicately processed to enhance the wonderful natural milky fragrance of the liquor.

Wuyi Shui Xian Oolong - No.91

This dark oolong tea from the Fujian province of China imparts a smooth caramel flavour with delightfully fruity notes.

Oriental Beauty Oolong No.87

Oriental Beauty rests in a league of her own, being an exceptionally fine Taiwanese tea.

Tie Guan Yin Supreme (Iron Goddess of Mercy) - No.99

This is a rich and complex, yet deeply satisfying tea which is enhanced by infusing many times over.

Taiwanese Four Season Oolong - No.90

The delicate hand-picked leaves are meticulously heavy-baked to enhance the distinctive, ripe fruity notes of this most unique tea. 

Chinese Jade Ginseng Oolong - No.88

This unique Oolong tea is full of flavour and offers a wide variety of health benefits. 

Taiwanese Ginseng Oolong - No.96

This wonderful tea exquisitely combines the very finest, lightly-oxidised oolong leaves with deliciously revitalising ginseng roots, to create an exceptional infusion.

Taiwanese Ali Shan Oolong - No.94

A premium-grade Oolong tea from the mountains of Taiwan. This loose leaf oolong offers a milky-sweet flavour.

Strawberry Oolong

Strawberry Oolong

Taiwanese Dongding Oolong - No.95

The beautiful yellowish-green liquor imparts a thick texture in the mouth and gives way to deliciously sweet notes. 

Oolong Tea Discovery Collection

This Oolong Discovery Collection allows you to explore a wide range of oolong flavours.


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