Glenburn White Moonshine First Flush Darjeeling - 2018 Harvest - No.37

Glenburn White Moonshine First Flush Darjeeling - 2018 Harvest - No.37

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This spectacular 2017 First Flush Darjeeling black tea is painstakingly crafted in the extraordinarily remote tea garden, Jungpana. The garden is nestled in the rugged, mountainous region of Kurseong in the foothills of the Himalayas. This lightly oxidised tea has an abundance of green leaves and silver tips and offers an incredible, golden-yellow liquor, with a wonderfully aromatic and succulently bold, yet balanced astringency. The brew elegantly expands before ending on a delicately fruity and sweet note. This exquisite First Flush is full of refreshing spring flavours and is the perfect choice for lovers of Darjeeling tea.

Jungpana, which name stems from the Tibetan term for ‘sweet young girl’, is one of the most spectacular organic tea gardens in Darjeeling. The Jungpana garden is tucked away on a rugged mountainside at altitudes ranging from 3,000 to 4,500ft.  Surrounded by pine forests on the upper reaches to the north, and swiftly gurgling mountain streams to the south, east and west and skirted by dense vegetation, the tea garden is almost impregnable, cocooned by Mother Nature for safe keeping. No wonder that Jungpana is endearingly referred to as ‘An Island in the Mountains’. The environment boasts of a large species of flora, that attract birds and butterflies, rarely seen elsewhere. The Himalayan bear - attracted by the damp and mossy pine forests, as well as leopards and deer, can also be spotted in the ferny undergrowth, on the periphery of the estate.

In addition to the unique climatic conditions of rain, sunshine, cloud cover, mist and dew, that all Darjeeling tea estates enjoy, the extraordinary setting that surrounds the garden, has contributed largely to Jungpana teas’ revered reputation. Drawing abundantly from the encircling waterflow and enriched in mineral wealth, the Jungpana soil is especially alluvial and creates perfect conditions for the growth of unique, aromatic and smoothly succulent teas.

Brewing Guidance: Use 200ml of water per 3g of tea | Boil water to 80℃ | Steep for 3 minutes.

Flavour: Crisp and muscatel with fruity and sweet notes.

Aroma: The tea imparts a fresh and fruity aroma.

Colour: The liquor has a golden yellow colour.

Ingredients: Pure Darjeeling Tea.

Tea region: Jungpana, Darjeeling, India.

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