Taiwan Native Mountain Tea - No.190

Taiwan Native Mountain Tea - No.190

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A sip of our Taiwan Native Mountain tea (Yuansheng shancha 台灣原生山茶)  will transport you to the blissful, foggy hills in Nantou, in Taiwan.

Nantou county’s tea history dates back to the early 1700’s and is known to be the birthplace of tea in Taiwan.


The High Mountain teas harvested in this region are considered the best quality in Taiwan; this is due to the high altitude the leaves grow in under the clouds, where least amount of sunlight can reach them.

The sun can alter the taste of the leaves and make the tea have a bitter taste.

Our Taiwan Native Mountain tea is grown at 600m altitude.

The leaves are picked from 180-year-old tea trees on the farm, making this tea a truly authentic delight!


Five generations of tea farmers have reared and grown our fine black tea, ensuring the leaves are preserved and collected in their purest forms each time, maintaining still the quality in standard their ancestors implemented.

Rules of tea-farming and major records were kept in the family’s handwritten tea-making book, which has been passed down the generations.

Even now, the farmers ensure their ancestors’ legacy lives on through their teas – they keep to these promises of organic, sustainable cultivation:

- No use of pesticides
-No use of chemicals
- No use of additives
- Respect all eco-friendly lives
- Respect the weather

The family-farm was known to be a Royal Tea Farm, once guarded by the Japanese government. The teas grown here were favoured and sent to the Japanese royal family, for indulgence and health benefits.

Ingredients: Pure Taiwanese black tea.


Additional Information

Altitude: 600M
Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter seasons
Sun Moon Lake Black Tea certified
Pesticide/ Herbicide/ Chemical free
Variety:  Purple Bud
(180-year trees)
Fermentation: 100%


About Formosan Farms

Formosan Farms produce premium, single origin teas that are organically grown by family tea-farms in Formosa Island, Taiwan. The sustainably grown teas are 100% pure, with no added chemicals or pesticides. The leaves are of high quality with choices of grade. The farms' sustainable ethos ensures the methods used in cultivation are eco-friendly with the environment in mind. The farmers' love for their work is reflected in their teas, and we are very proud to launch our new range of teas with them.


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